About Jim Doherty Metalwork

History and Philosophy

In my heart, I've always been an artist, and when I wanted custom pieces for my own home, I set out to create them. My view is, 'If I can imagine a chandelier, iron fixture, or door knob or knocker myself, why not build it myself?' In the course of creating pieces of art or function, whether individual or collections, I have the ability to fit the client's need in both dimension and asthetic.


If you're going to put your heart and soul into conceiving and creating a custom home, why would you stop at just its construction? Mass produced, big box store-bought items are impersonal and don't speak to discerning tastes. Hand made furnishings, from lighting and fixtures, to custom fireplace iron work, to outdoor patio and deck design, including wood and stone, can complete the story of your home with every detail inspired by your vision.


When it comes to your distintive home, you should know every last piece in it, and the artist who created it, personally.


This is where my team and I fit in.